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French Green Clay Facial Cleanser

$35.00 $35.00

Purifying and pore-refining, it’s a  M A S Q U E  and a C L E A N S E R in one!

With just enough texture to remove oil and makeup gently, this natural exfoliant draws out toxins while paring away dead skin cells to reveal fresh, smooth, radiant skin.

Handmade with small-batch Lavender tincture to reduce sagging and tone the elasticity of the skin. 

Rich in Vitamin C, Aloe Leaf juice and Rosehip Seed oil to eliminate redness and swelling around the eyes.

Refines pores and increases luminosity to the complexion.

Powdered French Green Clay, Green Clay Cleanser Base, Rose Water, Lavender-infused Witch Hazel, Vitamin C Creme.