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Favorite Essential Oil of All Time

Posted by Sarita Valdes on
Favorite Essential Oil of All Time
Every few weeks, I like to highlight an herb or essential oil that is especially meaningful to me in my practice as an herbalist and all-around plant nerd. Today I wanted to highlight one of the sweetest and mightiest essential oils of all time:

Rosewood is one of my absolute FAVORITE essential oils for so many reasons. Not only is it thoroughly intoxicating and mesmerizing as a fragrance, it also has some especially beneficial health and mood-stabilizing properties. When it comes to natural anti-depressive remedies, Rosewood is up there with the best of them. Not only does it drive away sadness and disappointment from the heart, its mild, sweet and spicy aromatics contain the complexity to locate and heal the roots of our anxieties. Allowing ourselves the permission to finally FEEL into our own heart and build a friendship with our own higher spirit is one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves. To finally let go of the pretense, the expectations we allow to be placed upon ourselves, and all the heaviness we carry around in us every day... for this work, Rosewood is one of our greatest allies.

Also known for boosting memory, this powerful essential oil stimulates the brain, keeping it active, sharp and alert while protecting it against neurotic disorders. Also great applied at the temples at the first sign of a headache, to dispel pain and tension held in the mind.

Known as an Aphrodisiac,

Rosewood is an expert at both romance and seduction when it arises from a pure and genuine place in our hearts.

Healing the memories of past traumas and ex-partners is one of Rosewood's greatest strengths. This healing allows us to move forward and enjoy new experiences with new lovers and partners, no longer held by the stories of the past. Rosewood allows us to open up into our unique sexuality and discover what makes us feel aroused, stimulated and satisfied.


And just as Rosewood is a healing balm for our spirit, she is also an antiseptic for our physical bodies. You can safely apply Rosewood to any minor cut, abrasion, insect bite or sting. And with absolutely ZERO dangers or health risks associated with Rosewood, this incredible essential oil is one of our best allies.

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