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Micellar Water

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The hype is REAL. But does it really live up to the high standards set for it?

It’s a resounding YES from our team.

Micellar Water is made from purified water (to counter the minerals and heavy metals found in makeup and tap water), which is then infused with hydrating nutrients and mild surfactants that form tiny balls called Micelles, which trap oil, dirt and makeup and remove it from the skin.

Like tiny magnets, these little spheres attract all the makeup, oil and grime from the surface of the skin, and lofts them away, leaving skin clean, hydrated and refreshed.

While some cleansers strip the skin, you may notice that Micellar Waters feel much gentler. This is because the Micelles focus on attracting just the makeup and grime from the skin — rather than stripping all the oils from the surface of the skin and drying it out. Micellar Water is also infused with hydrating ingredients that stay behind and nourish the skin.

Suggested use:

Best used after cleansing the skin, to trap and remove any remaining oil, dirt and makeup that cleansers can often leave behind.


After cleansing skin, apply a small amount to cleansing pad or cotton swab. Using circular motions, sweep cotton pad across the skin, particularly around the eyes, nose and sides of the face.