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Our Skin Repair Duo includes BOTH of our best-selling healing Moisturizers: (1) Baby Face + (1) Skin Food

Baby Face Youth Preserving Daytime Cream: Craving bright, glowy, youthful skin? Instantly hydrate and rev up the radiance on your skin with our soft, nourishing skin drink: Baby Face. This lightweight, daily moisturizer for all skin types prevents skin from showing visible signs of aging, delivers intense 24-hour hydration, and improves elasticity, leaving you with a soft and supple canvas ready for makeup. 

SKIN FOOD Anti-Aging Night Cream: Looking to revitalize dry, dull winter skin? This luscious skin cream elevates the natural contours of the face, profoundly improving elasticity and tone. Our unique recipe transforms skin and restores it to a satiny smooth, silken texture. Skin is firmed and uplifted. Enriched with Frankincence and Myrrh, a legendary combination that heals skin of scarring, redness and irritations while enhancing luminosity and restoring a youthful glow. For best results, use as a nighttime cream. Apply after cleansing & rinsing face.