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SUMMER LOVE Skincare Set

SUMMER LOVE Skincare Set


Skincare meets Self-care in a luxurious care package meant for a QUEEN 👑

The BEST recipe for loving yourself this season includes:

1 Rose Quartz Facial Toner, 4oz

This hydrating face mist is absolutely heavenly. Designed to tone, hydrate and soften the skin, as well as restore the complexion, cleanse the aura and purify the heart. Made with the medicine of pure Roses, including Rosewater, Rose-infused Witch Hazel, Roseship Seed oil, Rose Absolute and Rosewood actives. Every glass bottle of our moisture-enhancing R O S E Q U A R T Z Toner includes 10 miniature Rose Quartz crystals, which are known for their power to enhance beauty and youthfulness, as well as to attract love into your life.

1 Shimmer Bronzing Sunscreen, 2oz

Get that GORGEOUS island glow without sacrificing the health of your skin. Our luscious new sunscreen evens skin tone naturally, leaving a beautiful shimmering finish while protecting it from harmful UV rays. Mango, Avocado and Citrus combine to create an exotic, tropical blend that hydrates and nourishes both face and body, giving you a fresh and natural GLOW.

1 Rose Quartz Crystal Gua Sha Facial Massage Stone

This powerful Rose Quartz Facial tool is designed to smooth over skin, reducing, redness, facial swelling, under-eye bags and enlarged pores. Stimulates fascia and facial muscles to increase circulation. Promotes smooth and even complexion, increasing skins’ tone and overall complexion.

1 GLOSS BOSS Lip Balm (your choice, please specify in the Notes section of your order)

Our rich, moisturizing NEW Lip Balms are now here for the season! They're so soft, luxurious and fragrant, you'll never settle for sticky, artificial lip balms again. Made with the finest local, organic, plant-based ingredients, they melt on contact to promote plump, hydrated, FULL lips.


$65 ($95 Value)