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BREASTS: Am I supposed to massage my own??

Posted by Sarita Valdes on
BREASTS: Am I supposed to massage my own??
Don’t forget to give your breasts the love they deserve with frequent breast massage. 
It helps your body to rid itself of toxins and damaged, invasive cells that can cause cancer and other diseases, as well as stimulate breast growth.

Toxins can often become trapped in our lymph nodes, which are essentially tiny filters all over the body. Without the regular cleansing action of massaging these filters, toxins can become trapped and stored in the lymph nodes, which have now become like little sponges for invasive cells.
Massaging into all the spaces over, under and between the underarm and nipple helps to stimulate blood circulation as well as the lymphatic system (the tiny rivers of water carried under our skin) to dispose of toxins through the body’s own immune system.

The stimulation our breasts receive through massage also increases circulation, which means more blood flow through the area. This process brings more nutrients and oxygen to the breast tissue cells, making them healthier and encouraging natural breast tissue growth.

Breast massage also triggers Oxytocin & Prolactin, hormones that makes us feel happy and loved and also encourage growth.

There are so many reasons to give our own breasts love and attention & INTENTION. Although its great to receive love from another, you never need to wait for the perfect lover to give this to yourself. You can be your own love every single day ❤️❤️

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