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Support Women Owned

Posted by Sarita Valdes on
Support Women Owned

As more and more women choose to become financially independent, supporting women-owned businesses has become even more important to the health of our society. 

The last decade has been a time of political upheaval for women. From passing a rule designed to help shrink the wage gap, to a record number of women elected to both state & federal office, to a 58% INCREASE in businesses owned by women, this is the time in which many women are choosing to flex their biz skills and discover how much we have to offer.

By supporting women-owned businesses, you personally encourage us to keep offering our gifts to the universe, no matter how rough it gets out here in this cutthroat business world. 

You remind us of why our voice is needed right now as we change our world into something that better represents ALL of us. 

And you allow us to remain in the business arena with our hearts wide open, offering grace, compassion and kindness to a world that desperately needs it.


Thank you for supporting us, this year, next year, and many more to follow.

We deeply truly ❤️ you.

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