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Posted by Sarita Valdes on
Herb & Myth is passionate about remaining 100% sustainable in all our beekeeping endeavors. We love our bees so much and  believe in sustainably harvesting all of our beeswax, honey, propolis and pollen.
In addition to our own hives in Portland, we work with another professional beekeeper in Tacoma that shares our love for this beautiful creature. Every year we support our hives is by planting thousands of bee-friendly flowers and trees near the colonies to assure they never have to commute too far to find all their favorite sources of nectar and pollen.
We believe in trusting and honoring the natural wisdom of Mother Nature, providing gentle love and care to our bees without the use of pesticides, chemicals or harsh and invasive techniques. Unlike most conventional beekeepers today, we do not believe in over-harvesting from the colony, and then in return supplying them with an artificial sugar substitute. We harvest only a small portion of our bees’ collection of honey stores, ensuring the hives will have plenty of their own food to make it through the winter.
Bees are such a vital creature to the existence of our world as we know it. Our goal is to contribute to the healing of our planet through all of our endeavors.
We hope you are inspired and encouraged to do your part in contributing to this healing as well. 

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