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Prayer Altars

Posted by Sarita Valdes on
Prayer Altars
Building sweet, humble little altars all around my home is one of the ways I remind myself to stay in constant prayer. Prayers that have no beginning and no end but continue like a conversation with my higher powers who occupy this space and time with me. These spirits are honored by the time and attention we give them. They're fed by the energy and spirit we possess. Having a clear intention of love and compassion towards your self and those around you feeds these clean, loving spirits and encourages them to stick around and offer their kindness to all who come near.

And by default, having an angry, bitter energy feeds those types of spirits and encourages them to come around and stay for awhile. Harboring insecure feelings and self-doubt feeds those types of energy and allows them to grow stronger and become dominating forces in your life.

I encourage you to be mindful of what you are feeding today. Notice what thoughts and feelings come to the surface when you pay close attention to your energy.
Please resist the urge to judge yourself for what you notice coming up. Inhale, allow it to move through, and exhale, breathing it out and letting it go. Each time those negative thoughts try to grab hold of your heart, inhale and recognize them. Exhale and send them on their way. They have no place here anymore.
Mantra: I release old stories of trauma so that I'm free to write new, peaceful ones.

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