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Clean & Green

Posted by Sarita Valdes on
Clean & Green
While I flirted with the idea of going completely green, sustainable and chemical-free with my body care for many years, swapping out "bad" products with "good" ones piece by piece, it really took me finding replacements that were BETTER than the non-clean products to make the full jump. It wasn't easy to let go of my expensive salon products. I thought everything natural just couldn't work as well, right? Don't you NEED those strong (but terrible) oil-refinement byproducts to get that squeaky clean feeling? 
But once I made the switch, I never regretted it and will NEVER go back to using regular junk again. The truth is NO, you don't need anything non-natural + biodegradable to get every bit as clean and fresh as you want. In fact, you will MUCH cleaner knowing everything you put on your body is something you could put in your mouth. That's our motto after all, right?!
Check out our most recent blog post to get the DEETS on a few of my personal favorites for everything from my teeth to my hair care that we @herbandmyth don't (yet) make 💜
1. Dr Bronners Lavender soap. If cleanliness is godliness, I feel like a straight GODDESS after washing with Dr Bronners. Pretty sure I smell like one too 💜
2. Nubian Heritage Shampoo & Co-Wash. My hair never feels more clean immediately, or stays clean longer, than when I use this incredible sustainable and chemical-free hair care. Every scent they make is incredible, they have all kinds of products besides just shampoos and conditioners, everything you could need for a healthy, gorgeous, chemical-free mane.
3. Crystal deodorant roll-on. FINALLY! An all-natural crystal deodorant that actually works! Paraben-free, Aluminum-free and fragrance-free, this amazing little deodorant works better than any "regular" deodorant I've ever used.
4. And lastly, my favorite: Auromere Ayurvedic toothpaste. Pretty sure this is the toothpaste the Elves use in Lord of the Rings 😂 for reals though, I can't say enough about this magical toothpaste. My mouth feels clean literally all day every time I use it. I'll even wake up in the morning with clean, fresh breath after brushing with it before bed, its THAT amazing. This Ayurvedic recipe uses a potent combination of the best essential oils for keeping clean, white, plaque-free and cavity-free teeth. It also contains just enough grit to clean between teeth well-enough that floss has become almost overkill. After brushing with Auromere and swishing a couple minutes with our The Herbal Dentist Mouthwash, there is literally nothing left for the floss to grab!
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