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Posted by Sarita Valdes on
How do you open your heart to others without getting your heart broken in the process? How do you continue to give when you feel that you have already given more than you came with? How do you replenish your energy when you're low? Where do you go when your cup needs a refill?
I'm asking these questions that I don't have the answers to. No one does. Not for you.
Except YOU.
No one can give you the answers for your life. No one has the recipe for your happiness. Only you do.
What works to replenish and rejuvenate me might feel exhausting and draining to you, and that's A-OK. Each of us is given a specific calling in our hearts.
And please understand: we are constantly surrounded by the tools that will help us achieve success in our Life's Work.
Sometimes those tools are as simple as a decent breakfast in peace instead of a cup of coffee on your way out the door.
Sometimes it's simply saying no to dinner plans, working late, meeting up whatev--and instead spending that time with yourself in the place that truly feeds you. 
Learn to recognize YOUR tools. Learn how to use them properly. This is your M A G I C ️ These are your secrets.
When my heart is fully open, I still get physically tired. I still get emotionally exhausted. I still feel sick sometimes, I still need to be alone to recharge.
Learning to accept my humanity and all of its inherent physical limitations is beautiful to me. Recognizing that I have nothing to prove to myself or anyone else frees me to open to my healing in the ways that nourish me best.
Allowing myself to be weak--to see what comes through my spirit in those moments-- deepens my relationship with my own healing process. It's OK to feel not-OK sometimes, OK? Its OK to feel broken and defeated some days. And it's OK to find what nourishes you and make your way there any time you need.

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